"Technology improves the conditions of our lives, and the humanities improve the quality of our lives." Based on this belief, Chaoyang University of Technology established the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in August, 1997. The University expects the College to provide a strong base in humanities, ethics and skills throughout the University. The College is composed of four departments (Communication Arts, Applied English, Early Childhood Development and Education, and Social Work) . Currently, Department of Early Childhood Development and Education, and Department of Social Work offer two master's programs: the regular program and the in-service program. Department of Applied English only offers regular master’s program. The following is a brief description of the departments under the College. 

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Department of Communication Arts

  The Department is the first of its kind in any university of technology in the R.O.C. It not only possesses an outstanding faculty and first-rate facilities, but also combines teaching methodologies that give equal attention to theory and practice and truly attain the educational goal of both technical and intellectual excellence. Students in the Department have both the technical and artistic skills that meet the professional needs today.

  The Department's audio and video equipment is identical to the equipment used in the industry today, and the Department has established cooperative agreements with a number of well-known media corporations. It provides practical experience and a background in the humanities to its students through class training and summer internship. Under these advantageous conditions, students are exceptionally well-prepared for actual industry requirements immediately after they graduate.

Department and Graduate Institute of Applied English

  The Department's primary mission is to produce students with high levels of foreign language skills to meet the needs of global economy and international communication. The Department offers a 4-year undergrate program and a mater program and the evening school also offers a 4-year undergraduate program. Currently the Department offers English, Japanese, and Spanish classes, as well as practical instruction in business and language specializations. The Department thus offers two specialized tracks: international business interests, and language teaching. These technical tracks allow the students to use their skills in the modern language market.

Department and Graduate Institute of Early Childhood Development and Education 
  The Department was founded in 1996. Currently the day school offers a 4-year undergraduate program and a master program, and the evening school offers a 4-year undergraduate program and an in-service master program. The Department has an excellent faculty with a wide variety of early childhood specializations, and provides an ideal academic environment for its students. The faculty is characterized by diligence, care, and love, and actively seeks to promote students' dedication to the ideals of childcare and education. In addition, the department offers extensive guidance in Montessori materials and methods to expand students' professional horizons.
  The curriculum includes basic subjects such as planning and management of learning environment and activities for young children, child development, administration and management of childcare programs, and core subjects such as ethics for child care professionals and Montessori instructional methods. It also offers its students the opportunity to obtain certification as kindergarten teachers through the courses offered by the Center for Teacher Education, allowing them to enter the job market in a prompt and timely fashion.

Department and Graduate Institute of Social Work

  The Department of Social Work was established in 2000, which aims to educate excellent and professional social workers. Currently the Department offers 4-year undergraduate program and 4-year undergraduate evening program. The curriculum includes fundamental courses such as philosophy and ethic of social work, social welfare and policy, community work, group work, casework, sociology, psychology, social psychology and human behavior in the social environment etc. Besides, considering current social problems and trends in Taiwan, the curriculum will be specialized in the fields of family social work and NPO (non- profit organization) to cultivate professionals in social service and delivery. The Department set up a regular master program in 2007 and an in-service master's program in 2014 .