2019-11-07 Prof. Richard Chuan-Ching Hwang as Guest Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Regensburg, Germany

Professor Dr. Chuan-Ching Hwang was invited by the University of Applied Sciences Regensburg (OTH) as a visiting professor to deliver ten lectures in German at the department of Social Work between Oct 6. and Oct 18. The topics of his speeches include:


1) Comparing the Long-term Care Systems in Germany, Austria, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore

2) Poverty Policy and Food Banks in East Asia

3) Politics, Society and Migration Policy in Taiwan

4) Education, Professionalization and Practical Fields of Social Work in Taiwan

5) Housing Policy and Social Services for Homeless People in Taiwan

6) East Asian Welfare States

7) Social Policy in Taiwan

8) Music in Taiwan and the Composer Tyzen Hsiao

9) The Development and Types of Food Banks Around the World

10) Children and Juvenile Policy in Taiwan


During his visit at OTH, Professor Hwang met leading figures at the university including the President, Vice President, and Deans of several faculties as well as notable professors and staff of the international bureau to further discussions on reaching a memorandum of understanding in an exchange program involving both staff and students. Following discussions, OTH agreed to accept six students from CYUT per year. In addition to this, Professor Hwang gave four short introductions about CYUT, and acted on behalf of the university in welcoming German Students at OTH to study at CYUT as exchange students.   




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