2019-12-07 Broadening our Horizons: Prof Liza Lee and Richard Hwang visit the University of Liepaja in Latvia

Prof. Liza Lee, Dean of the Humanity and Social Sciences, and Prof. Richard Hwang, Department of Social Work, continued their European visits on a trip to the University of Liepaja in Latvia as one of the three Baltic States (Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania). They were warmly welcomed by the Dean of Education and Social Work, Prof. Linda Pavītola at the University of Liepaja. Productive talks were held regarding potential cooperation with staff from their international office and professors from different departments, including Prof. Svetana Lanka, who is the vice dean and head of the Department of Social Work.

         Both Dr. Liza Lee and Dr. Richard Hwang delivered individual speeches to faculty and students from the departments of Education and Social Work. Liza Lee gave lectures to students at Liepaja University on Holistic Music Education Approach for teaching Young Children on Multiple Developments, while Richard Chuan-Ching Hwang on Social Policy in Taiwan in Comparative Perspective. The University of Liepaja has not only shown their interest in signing an MOU with our University, but also expressed their willingness to submit a proposal of Erasmus KA 107 for funding to the EU regarding the educational exchanges of staff and students.




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