NTSO Worked with CYUT: AR and 4DView Technologies

NTSO Worked with CYUT

AR  and 4DViews Technologies




  National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra (NTSO) worked with Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT) to create Taiwan's first multisensory picture book titled "Let's Go to the Magic Forest Concert" through AR and 4DViews technologies. By reading the picture book, children can easily learn Taiwan's folk music in the real and virtual interaction between music and pictures. Based on the picture book with audio stories, the Center of Holistic Development for Young Children, led by Dr. Liza Lee (Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences), makes lesson plans suitable for children's autonomous learning of music. NTSO will invite CYUT to plan and promote related seek teacher training courses. They also hope to work with a publishing house to increase the printed copies of the picture book as an important supplementary teaching material for children music education.


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